Sunday, August 23, 2015

What are You Supporting?

Being a person who can't say much of anything in a few words, I often struggle to explain the work of She is Safe concisely to people who ask me about what the Run to Rescue Virtual Run supports.

Today I got an message from a friend who works for them outlining goals for a future trip.  This is a trip to a region where She is Safe is just beginning to form partnerships for ministry.  Take a look and see what kind of work you are supporting and the people you are helping by participating in this run!

"Here’s some of the field work we plan to do while on the ground:

  •  Attend children’s outreaches (tutoring centers in local recycle* communities) - observing, interviewing members, teaching lessons, offering encouragement, taking photos, taking notes
  • Participate in an outreach to prostitutes** (forced or volunteer) in the local Red Light District – playing games, developing relationships, offering encouragement
  • Investigate potential outreach to at-risk teenage girls in the recycle communities - observing, offering encouragement, taking photos, taking notes, asking lots of questions
  • Visit ministry leaders & others doing similar work – participating and speaking in church services, praying with leaders and local believers, encouraging ministry leaders, listening to updates from ministry leaders, taking notes
  • Introduce Transformation Groups and determine what adaptations might be necessary to launch into these recycle communities

*Recycle Communities are essentially communities where people live and are employed to sort out recyclables from trash.  People in these communities are extremely impoverished, child labor is quite high, and girls are at high risk for being trafficked to local Red Light Districts or to China as brides for children of the one child policy.  Children sometimes attend school, but the free morning school sessions don’t actually provide an education.  The children’s outreaches (tutoring centers) provide academic help while also bringing the message of the gospel, abuse prevention and awareness, etc.  These outreaches are just getting started and there is more to improve, but in the first year all children participating in the program passed their exams.  This was a big deal!  Now the parents are interested. We hope to expand outreach to teenage girls and possibly introduce Transformation Groups as a strategic bridge to the gospel and holistic development initiative to prevent abuse and exploitation and bring lasting change."

Will you sign up today?

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